"We effectively transfer the benefits of golf conditioning from the gym onto the course."

It's important for us to hear and understand your priorities so we can work together to achieve your goals. A bio-mechanically consistent golf swing is every golfer's ambition. How we create this consistency will depend on your unique physical condition.

Muscles may be short and tight or long and weak, restricting your range of motion (ROM) or not

​​Performance System LLC


Thank you so much for helping me improve my golf swing. I have learned a lot about golf fitness and will come back for another Boditrak test to see how I improved!

Thanks! Kevin N. 

providing enough stability for a proper swing. As golf fitness professionals we offer experience and expertise on how to  bring mobility, stability, strength and power into your game. Before we can recommend what stretches/exercises will help, we need to understand where your body is today.  The body is so dynamic, complex and interconnected that what seems to be a problem area may not actually be the source of the problem.  We have the experience and training required to work with you through this process.

​If you are experiencing pain then definitely take advantage of our expertise and time. There is absolutely no reason to alter your swing to avoid pain. This not only re-enforces bad habits but diminishes your enjoyment of the game.

Call us today to get started.  We know you will become a client just after spending an hour with us.

Parents here are some of our basic guidelines to consider as you seek fitness opportunities for your junior golfer. 

  • Our program focuses on improving the overall athleticism of your child. This translates to developing functional movement skills such as running, throwing, catching, kicking and jumping. Refining these functional movement skills benefits your golfer by increasing their body awareness and control. The ability to make these subtle changes will maximize their golf performance.

  • We create a fitness plan that considers your junior golfer's biological, physiological and physical development. Our program focuses on strengthening postural muscles and promoting proper motor patterns and alignment. 

  • Our program supports The First Tee's established Nine Core Values, Nine Healthy Habits and Code of Conduct. These represent many inherently positive values connected with the game of golf. Parents are encouraged to reinforce these behaviors by talking about them, what they mean and what these behaviors can look like at home.

Our junior fitness program is designed to provide a solid foundation for healthy habits and injury prevention for a lifelong enjoyment of playing great golf!

Our commitment is to provide you with tools to improve your golf game. Simply email or give us a call (520) 488-6610